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Ways to adapt your development to market expectations

Release date: 9/18/2019 11:00:00 AM

How can you adapt your embedded development to the ever growing market expectations? Logic2day presents you a variety of efficient and effective hardware en software solutions that empower your development process.


Effective software development for safety-related markets

Many products for such markets as household appliances, automotive, industrial and healthcare have regulatory requirements to be certified against functional safety (FuSa) standards. For example, IEC 61508 for electrical systems, ISO 26262 for the automotive industry, IEC62304 for medical systems, and EN 50128 for railway applications.

Within the standards, there are multiple safety integrity levels (SIL) that specify formal methods to be used during development for verifying that the application code, software components and toolchains are safe for the intended use.

Critical consumer expectations; value for money

If the best products provide an excellent user experience, the best-selling products also provide excellent value for the money. With so many forces attempting to get a share of the consumer wallet, you need to build products that are “worth it”, and that usually means a bill of materials that’s as low as you can manage.

Ways to meet the relentless pressure to market faster

If you’re building a one-off product, code reuse doesn’t matter. That being said, you almost never use good code only once. Initial releases invariably get updated with new features and bug fixes, one product can lead to a family of products, and reliable code from older projects is often implemented into new incarnations. So if you’re writing code with a plan to throw it away, you’re doing it wrong.

New NXP iMX8M COM Board for ARM Quad-Core

This new Embedded Artists' iMX8M COM Board provides a quick and easy solution for implementing a high-performance ARM quad/dual-core Cortex-A53 / Cortex-M4F based design. The Cortex-A53 / Cortex-M4F heterogeneous architecture enables the system to run an OS like Linux on the quad/dual-core Cortex-A53 and a Real-Time OS (RTOS) on the Cortex-M4F.


Design Automation & Embedded Systems Event 2019

Logic Technology cordially invites you to meet the latest embedded technology and exchange knowledge with other experts and developers of embedded systems at the D&E event in Eindhoven.
This event offers high-end technical presentations and we are pleased to invite you to the presentation of André De Ceuninck, product manager at Logic Technology, about;

The Challenges of Functional Testing your IoT Devices

You just have to register for the event and choose your free conference program.