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Software Quality update: Functional safety with LDRA and ARM

Release date: 9/9/2020 4:52:27 PM

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Arm and LDRA: Synergy in functionally safe and secure embedded systems

We see an increase in software projects that have to be certified or will be certified to assure the highest quality levels and we expect this trend to grow in the future. 

The certification of safety end-products requires a compiler toolchain to be qualified according to appropriate functional safety standards. The process of qualifying these tools known as ‘Tool Qualification’ or ‘Tool Validation’ can be time-consuming and expensive. Moreover, it doesn’t offer any differentiation to the end-product. 

Find out how KEIL and LDRA can help you develop products that comply to ISO26262, IEC61508 or any other Safety standard.

Webinar: Navigating the RTCA DO-178C Software Tool Qualification Process

During this webinar, we will explore the tool qualification process required for DO-178C compliance, including its structure and contents as defined by RTCA DO-330, Software Tool Qualification Considerations. 

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