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June issue - Why are my embedded devices failing | How to reduce testing costs | One small step to a reliable file system

Release date: 6/29/2020 4:42:01 PM

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Help! Why are my embedded devices failing?

When devices fail, the problems can be numerous. In conversations with the embedded OEMs we work with, a common issue affects almost every manufacturer – the cost of diagnosing and fixing the causes of field failure. This impacts time-to-market and pulls resources away from development, to be used instead for field diagnostics and post-mortem analysis. This issue is especially relevant for the following reasons:

How to reduce testing cost for model-based developed software

Today, the creation of software for embedded systems is often a very complex task and thus error prone. In consequence, especially the development of safety critical systems requires development using processes and activities to ensure functionality and safety of the system. For example, the V-modell applies in different variants for many safety critical domains, recommended by IEC61508 and their corresponding domain specific derivatives, such as ISO26262, IEC 62304, IEC 62061, etc.

One small step to a reliable file system

The Reliance Edge File System Essentials (FSE) is one of two API sets supported by Reliance Edge. It’s a minimalistic but reliable alternative to the POSIX-like option. 
What are its benefits and how does it work? This feature summary should answer those questions.

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