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Adressing your Software Insecurities

Release date: 1/25/2018 12:00:00 PM

The ever increasing connectedness of electronic systems provides a whole new world of opportunity. But with that opportunity comes a brand new challenge, especially when there is a need for certification.

The need for security is obvious in, for example the banking sector, or when classified government information is involved. On other occasions, the requirement is more subtle. For example, it is a vital consideration for connected electronic systems required to meet industrial (e.g. IEC 61508) or automotive (e.g. ISO 26262) functional safety standards because connected systems cannot be safe if they are vulnerable to cyberattack.

Safety Seminar Adressing your Software Insecurities

These free seminars will highlight issues to consider when designing a functionally safe secure system. It will detail how, alongside features such as domain separation and rootkit protection, the security features of the application code itself provide an essential slice in a “Swiss Cheese” defence of a connected system. And it will include a demonstration of how automated tools can streamline the development of securely coded applications.

Key Topics

Issues when designing a functionally safe secure system:

Cyberattacks take a host of different forms, and there are many perspectives to consider.

Then there are cross-domain attacks, where aggressors access critical domains via their more vulnerable, less critical counterparts.

The application software provides another arrow in the security quiver. If that is not written with security in mind, then it is likely to include vulnerabilities meaning that once a domain is accessed, aggressors have a means to access sensitive data or to modify system functionality.

Dates & Locations

6 March 2018, Munich, Germany
7 March 2018, Frankfurt, Germany
8 March 2018, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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