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Boards & Solutions update: The challenge of creating great UI experiences on embedded services

Release date: 7/17/2020 4:20:19 PM

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In this update we inform you about a different approach to the development of rich, interactive user interfaces, which helps address the challenges of making those experiences a succesful reality in cost-effective embedded products, and you will learn about how Tuxera's Reliance Nitro can improve end-user experience.

Enjoy reading and please contact us if you have any questions.

The challenge of realizing great UI experiences on embedded devices

A rich UI prototype can be an amazing thing. It can bring an existing product back to life and give it a competitive advantage, or it can be so transformative that it creates a brand new cutting-edge category.

It's easy to capture this UI potential with rich graphics and a storyboard that walks a user through an exciting experience full of animation and life. With this potential comes the power to sell a product, however, the challenge of moving from prototype through development and to product deployment is not to be underestimated. The price that you pay for a rich UI experience is measured in terms of increased product software complexity, hardware requirements, and time.... with the traditional model including a design team building the script of a user experience, without the commitment to be engaged throughout the rest of the application design.

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Prevent field failures and improve end-user experience 

A principle of device design is that the quality of your device will not exceed that of its weakest component. Will your company name suffer if your product corrupts user files or performs sluggishly? The extent to which this will limit the success of your product requires in-depth analysis.

Nearly any competent engineer can plug in flash memory and make it work for the short term, but
a well-designed embedded system also ensures data reliability. Flash is ideal for storing data in
embedded environments, however maintaining data integrity over the expected lifetime for the system requires careful planning on the part of the designer.
Things you want the end-user to experience when using your embedded devices are:
  • Fast reaction times
  • Consistently fast mount and recovery times, even after power interruption
  • Certainty of secured user-data during sudden power loss
  • Extended flash media lifetime

Learn more about how Tuxera’s Reliance Nitro guarantees this user experience.

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