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Challenging Embedded Presentations

Release date: 10/3/2017 3:00:00 PM

This issue of Logic2day brings you news and presentations on challenging embedded topics in high-tech development processes. Logic Technology and our partners are sharing knowledge and new releases to speed up your development.

We are cordially inviting you to visit our presentations at the [SC2] event and the D&E event in Belgium and the Netherlands this October:

"Secure IIoT Applications Need Secure Application Code"
[SC2] event
"Software Design Challenges for Heterogenic SOC’s"
D&E event
Belgium & the Netherlands

Secure IIoT applications need secure application code

IIRA? Or RAMI 4.0? Both Demand High Quality Software

Mark Richardson, working for LDRA, an expert in the development of real-time embedded software, is presenting a paper on Secure IIoT Applications and why they need Secure Application Code at the SC2 conference in Eindhoven, October 2, 2017.

Software Design Challenges for Heterogenic SOC’s

Modern embedded systems often have a wide variety in workloads and tasks to perform. These tasks vary from sophisticated HMI’s, visualizing graphics or HR video and processor intensive data-analysis to the real time monitoring of multiple sensors and control of actuators such as servo-engines. How to bring these together on one heterogenic SOC?



TouchGFX UI support for Renesas Synergy S7

TouchGFX UI applications fit perfectly with Renesas’ Synergy ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers. As a result, we are increasing our engagement with Renesas. With Europe as our starting point, Renesas Synergy and TouchGFX is now moving into the global market.

Datalight Releases NitroBoot 2.0

Lite, Pro and Automotive editions make implementation easy and effective for a variety of designs

BOTHELL, Wash., - September 27, 2017 - Datalight Inc., the leader of the most reliable file systems and comprehensive flash memory drivers for the Industrial Internet of Things has released NitroBoot 2.0. NitroBoot, the fastest boot solution for embedded devices, has been shipped in more than 13 million devices.

Electronics Test Development gets faster with XJTAG Boundary Scan v3.6

Cambridge, UK, September 28, 2017 — XJTAG®, a world leading supplier of boundary scan technology has launched a major update to its flagship software, XJDeveloper. XJTAG v3.6 includes several new productivity and automation-focused enhancements, allowing engineers to setup tests for even the most complex boards in significantly less time.