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Practical tips for embedded User Interface developers

Release date: 7/30/2020 1:06:48 PM

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"Crank Software uniquely bridges the gap between UI design and embedded systems by streamlining the development lifecycle and enabling customers to get products to market faster."

Compared to traditional electronic design automation tools, the Crank Software products and services enable R&D teams to more quickly develop rich graphical displays—also called UIs or HMIs—for resource-constrained embedded devices. Applications include in-car graphical displays, animated GPS systems, and rich user interfaces on factory floors. 

Whether you are a software engineer, UI-designer, Product-Marketing Manager or a graphical designer, everybody can be an artist using Crank Software. At home or in the office. How? Read for yourself!

Tips for embedded GUI developers working from home

As we all know, after Covid-19 the world is no longer the same and the in-office days are on pause. Fortunately, we have been able to quickly pivot and continue working from home, with little to no impact on productivity or client deliverables. Sarah Collie, User Interface Developer at Crank Software, also manages to succesfully develop and test from home and she tells us which tools and techniques help her with this. Read full article

The challenge of creating great UI experiences on embedded devices

A rich UI prototype can be an amazing thing. It can bring an existing product back to life and give it a competitive advantage, or it can be so transformative that it creates a brand new cutting-edge category.

It's easy to capture this UI potential with rich graphics and a storyboard that walks a user through an exciting experience full of animation and life. With this potential comes the power to sell a product, however, the challenge of moving from prototype through development and to product deployment is not to be underestimated. Read further

Video: Creating exceptional UIs using real-time behavioral insights

Join us for a look at how real-time insights from Storyboard and Tracealyzer can help create exceptional UIs on NXP i.MX RT series devices such as the i.MX RT1060.

The HMI/UI is often the most visible aspect of a system, so it's critical that it performs as expected, otherwise users will notice. In this one-hour webinar you will learn how to ensure your UI performs as expected in our 'always-on world'. Read more


Convert your Photoshop concept to an Android GUI in minutes

Whether it is for consumer electronics, in-vehicle infotainment systems, or mobile devices, devices running on an Android-based operating system can be found everywhere. Due in part to the many advantages it offers, such as its open-source code, broad ecosystem, and low cost, Android is becoming a popular choice for today’s embedded development projects.

So how can you make a Storyboard built application part of your next embedded project on Android OS? Read further

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