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Getting started with Keil MDK and IoT devices

Release date: 10/9/2018 10:00:00 AM

Logic2Day together with ARM Keil shares tutorials and video's to get started with MDK on hardware and in the cloud. Learn how to use MDK-Middleware on your application.

How to install and setup ARM Keil MDK

This video shows how to download and install ARM Keil MDK. It explains how to run example projects using the built-in simulator and real target hardware. Learn how to gain access to the MDK-Middleware and watch how to debug the applications using the µVision debugger and its dedicated debug windows.


Use STM32CubeMX with Arm Keil MDK

This video shows how to get started quickly with Arm Keil MDK and the STM32L4 Nucleo board. It explains how to use STM32CubeMX to setup pins and clocks and how the integration with MDK helps to get to a working application fast.


Connecting MDK-Middleware to the Cloud

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes connected end-note devices that collect, process and exchange data. An IoT client is a software interface which runs in the IoT end-note device and establishes the connection to a cloud service. Arm adopted cloud connectors for Keil MDK-Middleware using the reliable networking stack for communication with the cloud service. This application note describes how to use the IoT clients from MDK-Packs to connect an IoT device to a cloud service provider. Read more to open the application note..