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High Quality Graphics Using Only Internal Memory

Release date: 10/18/2017 11:00:00 AM

Users of Graphical user interfaces expect a smartphone look and feel and performance. The limitations in microcontroller set ups and the complexity and cost of development and hardware is a challenge for every GUI developer. Let’s meet the TouchGFX framework that can tackle your challenges and help you to achieve smooth animations.

High Quality Graphics Using Only Internal Memory

TouchGFX allows you to have high quality graphics on your devices without using external SD-RAM.

Users expect smartphone look and feel, not acknowledging the constraints of limited resources on microcontroller setups. The user expectations require 16-bit color depth normally pushing one to use external SD-RAM for two framebuffers. This requirement for external memory increases the complexity and cost of the hardware development and production cost. We experience a hard push from high volume product manufactures towards saving of external RAM, accepting only a minor UI performance limitation.

Popular microcontrollers from ST targeting GUI applications contain enough internal memory to hold one framebuffer + TouchGFX stack + RTOS. Read the full article (click title)..

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FLYER E-Bikes: FIT with TouchGFX

FLYER is a world leading Swiss e-bike manufacturer. With the groundbreaking range of FLYER e-bikes under its wings, the company is a pioneer within today’s e-bike market. In the development of one of their latest bikes, they used TouchGFX to develop their high-end display, D1. Read the full article (click title)..