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Software Components Update November 2015

Release date: 11/3/2015 3:22:55 PM

The monthly Logic2Day Software Components update informs you about the latest developments and hottest topics on Logic’s software components and related supplies. 

Myth Busting: SSDs are Faster than SDs – or Are They?

At the request of a customer in the banking machines segment, Datalight recently completed an investigation of some performance differences they were seeing between SD and SSD on their embedded target. The findings left us scratching our head a bit. On the surface, SSDs and SDs have some things in common (beyond having S and D in their names) but many differences as well.

How to choose File Systems, go Big or rely on Small?

The embedded systems market is extraordinarily diverse. Virtually any electronic device that is not a desktop computer or an enterprise data center behemoth is under the “embedded system” umbrella. With such variation in form factor, use case, price point and processing need it should come as no surprise that data storage needs differ as well.

Renew your Keil license and save money!

Santa comes early this year and he brings gifts for all loyal Keil customers who have licenses with maintenance that has long since expired! Now is your chance to upgrade to the latest version of MDK for your microcontroller(s) and restart your maintenance without paying any penalties.