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Software Components Update October 2015

Release date: 10/6/2015 4:36:57 PM

The monthly Logic2Day Software Components update informs you about the latest developments and hottest topics on Logic’s software components and related supplies.  

Topic Products has released Dyplo1.2, the new version of their Dynamic Process Loader

With this release, Topic Products improved the way logic can be moved between CPU and FPGA by adding C/C++ support. The 1.2 release of Dyplo introduces an automatic task infrastructure for C/C++. This allows C/C++ files to be directly imported and automatically converted to VHDL. Direct of your C/C++ code for the FPGA allows you to have one common code base for both CPU and FPGA.


Design Automation & Embedded Systems Event 2015

Logic Technology is inviting you to the 17th edition of the Design Automation & Embedded Systems Event on November 4th in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. A challenging event for the embedded professional addressing the themes; "FPGA, Security, Embedded, Internet of Things en PCB Technologies”. During this event Logic Technology will introduce a new view on Functional Hardware Testing. Meet our experts in embedded development and join the lecture of our product manager AndrĂ© De Ceuninck; “Functional Testing of Hardware – This can be improved!”

Register by invitation of Logic Technology

(registration form is in Dutch)