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Test your User Experience in Virtual Reality

Release date: 3/22/2018 11:00:00 AM

Any product development process is costly. A lot of review and test is needed, and many stakeholders must be heard to find that one product worthy of large-scale production. At the User Interface Design event in Veenendaal, the Netherlands, Logic Technology and Mjølner Informatics are presenting Seidr, the virtual reality platform that allows you to test and validate your products digitally in relevant surroundings. Experience how digital testing innovates your development process at the UID-event.


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The new Era of Testing your User Experience

A keynote presentation at the UID-event by Henrik Goul, user experience consultant at Mjølner Informatics. The product development process has entered a new era. By testing and validating your products with end-users digitally, you overcome the physical restrictions and challenges. Let your distributed R&D teams work side by side to maximize R&D output and increase user acceptance and minimize your time to market. All of this happens in the easy-to-use, virtual space of Seidr.


Virtual Space of Seidr

Logic Technology is proud to introduce the easy to use digital space to product development teams. The Seidr environment lets you test and validate with end-users long before you produce anything physical. That means no material costs, no hardware development and no headaches before you have validated that you are building eand developing the right product.

Test the Seidr environment Live at the UID-event at Logic's stand!


TouchGFX User Interface demonstrations

TouchGFX is a software framework written in C++ that enables the development of embedded GUIs with high-end graphics on energy efficient hardware. The TouchGFX embedded GUI technology optimizes the utilization of small hardware platforms, such as the ARM Cortex M-range microcontrollers (MCUs), resulting in faster image updates with less MCU load, outperforming competing frameworks.

TouchGFX is demonstrating the GUI on multiple platforms (NXP, STM, Renesas) and use cases at the Logic Technology stand, during the User Interface Design event. Save your free UID-event Ticket