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ARM Development Trainings & Seminars September

Release date 8/31/2017 Issue LA.2017.08.02

Logic2day is giving you a head start in September with ARM development trainings, workshops and seminars.

Together with ARM the partners of Logic Technology have prepared a wide range of hands on trainings in embedded development. From a 3-day Cortex-M and Eclipse training to a workshop in heterogene DS-MDK development and a hands on seminar on functionally Safe & Secure code.

Check out the agenda of trainings in September and reserve your seat before it is too late!

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Logic Academy September Courses - Workshops - Seminars

Release date 8/24/2017 Issue LA.2017.08

  • What are the differences between the various flavors of ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers?
  • How can I increase my productivity using the Eclipse Framework?
  • Which challenges lay ahead when programming heterogeneous Multi-Core SoC's?
  • Can the functional safety certification process be made easier?

Logic Academy provides answers to these and many more questions in various Courses, Workshops and seminars currently scheduled for September. Check out the agenda in this issue of the Logic Academy Newsletter and reserve your seat before it is too late.

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Embedded News & Development Trainings

Release date 7/26/2017 Issue MN.2017.07

Logic2day brings you the hottest topics on embedded news and updates from Logic and our partners. In this issue we are also preparing you for a fresh start after summer, with our ARM development trainings and seminars.

Save your seat for your ARM training or seminar and make a head start in September!

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Developing Functionally Safe & Secure Code?

Release date 7/19/2017 Issue BN.2017.07

ARM together with the LDRA tool suite can make life easier

Free SEMINAR with Hands-on session

Developing electronic systems to meet industrial (IEC 61508), medical (IEC 62304) or automotive (ISO 26262) certification standards has always been a non-trivial undertaking. The development processes, and the products developed under such processes, have to meet high standards and are heavily scrutinised before eventually passing audits with independent certification authorities.

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Embedded Summer Releases

Release date 6/29/2017 Issue MN.2017.06

Summer with Logic2day brings you the hottest topics on embedded news and updates from Logic and our partners.

We are proud to present you a full 3-day training course on ARM Cortex-M development. A course to boost your knowledge and start fresh at the end of this summer. Also don't forget to read about this development tool, that is now available for Linux and the Promotion we are offering in www.embeddedplaza.com; a 30% discount until the end of August!   

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Verify your embedded software system before you build it

Release date 6/13/2017 Issue DT.2017.06

What if you could verify your embedded software system before you build it?

The more code you have, the more errors you have. This does not scale in a linear way. If you double the code, you more than double the errors. The end effect of writing too much code is that you spend more time on maintenance than necessary and do not give your stakeholders enough of what they need. By using a tool like Verum’s Dezyne you can drastically reduce your errors, and with that your cost of field defects.

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Summer School for Developers

Release date 5/22/2017 Issue LA.2017.05

Logic Technology and its partners have prepared an educational summer season for you. When temperature is rising you must be efficient with your energy. Being more efficient in your high tech work is exactly what we want to accomplish by sharing our knowledge with you in trainings and workshops.
We invite you for our summer program, because it is important to us that we educate you in getting maximum effort in using our tools. Let us enable you to create great products without losing valuable energy, so you save energy to enjoy summer!

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Important for all TrueSTUDIO users

Release date 5/11/2017 Issue Atollic.2017.05

Last chance to save on your TrueSTUDIO Pro License

Shop Now

 And Save € 400,--
Purchase your License before June 1, 2017 in our webshop

 A full year single user node-locked TrueSTUDIO Pro license
including 12 months of SUA

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Workshop Model-Driven Software Design

Release date 5/10/2017 Issue DT.2017.05

Curious about model-driven software design? Like to know more about how it can contribute to developing up to 50% more efficiently?

Interessieren Sie sich für Modell getriebene Software Entwicklung (MDSE)? Möchten Sie wissen wie MDSE dazu beitragen kann um bis zu 50% mehr Effizienz in der Entwicklung zu erzeugen?

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Electronics & Applications Invitation

Release date 5/3/2017 Issue BNL.2017.5.1

We are kindly inviting you to visit Electronics & Applications 2017 in Utrecht. This exhibition & conference is your opportunity to see the latest developments & innovations in industrial electronics from the Benelux at one event. More than 170 companies will exhibit for three days, promoting their innovations, knowledge and skills in industrial electronics.

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